The Aeropress is excellent for brewing on-the-go. Lightweight and compact, this system most importantly prepares incredible coffee.

Coffee: 15 grams
Water: 225 grams
Grind: #3.5, very fine
Brew Length: 1.5 minutes

1) Begin to bring water to a boil.
2) Place your Aeropress filter in the filter holder and lock into place. Rinse your paper filter with hot water to filter out paper residue.
3) Grind 15 grams of coffee very fine, close to an espresso grind. Pour the ground coffee on top of your rinsed filter.
4) After water has cooled for no more than a minute, set your timer for the short brew time and add the 225 grams of coffee, making sure the grounds are saturated. Stir thoroughly in a circular motion.
5) This part can be tricky: Slip the plunger into the brewer, pressing down for a moment, and then pull up slightly to form a vacuum to hold the coffee into place. To see if your vacuum was successful check for drips into your cup.
6) Without disturbing your vacuum, gently agitate the coffee in the Aeropress slightly, moving it in a circular motion after a minute of brew time. Lifting from the base to keep from spillage, make sure all the grounds are saturated. Replace, set firmly, on your cup and plunge as hard as possible for a brew time of almost a minute and a half. Enjoy.

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