Auto Drip

The classic American brew method - Auto Drip - can produce excellent coffee that results in a clean, sweet and even sparkling cup.

Coffee: 9 grams
Water: 6 ounces
Grind: auto-drip or #4.5 medium
Brew Length: automatic

1) Pour very hot water through your paper filter and brew basket into the brewing carafe, removing excess paper fibers from filter. Don't forget to dump this water out of carafe.
2) Grind coffee on an auto-drip or medium grind (consistency and coarseness of sugar). Aim for 9 grams by weight of coffee per 6 oz volume of water. If you don't have a scale, 9 grams of coffee is about 2 level tablespoons. After tasting a few brews, adjust amount of coffee grounds to your personal "strength" preference.
3) Turn brewer on and add filtered water. Once finished brewing, pour into cup(s) or an insulated thermos. Leaving coffee to "stew" on a heating tray produces unpleasant flavors. Enjoy!

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