Catering Info:

Coffee Services

Old Soul offers coffee catering services featuring our single-origin artisan coffees.  All services include everything you’ll need to serve your guests from cups to cream and sugar. Contact Mort Saltzman, Catering Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and he’ll walk you thru the process of customizing our coffee catering to fit your needs and budget.

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Old Soul offers an assortment of breakfast, lunch and dinner options from the simple to the deluxe featuring locally sourced ingredients. Contact our catering representative and they’ll walk you through the process of customizing our breakfast catering to fit your needs and budget.

Who we are...

Founded in 2006 by Co-Owners Tim Jordan and Jason Griest, Old Soul Co. started out as a wholesale only baking and coffee company in an obscure alley in Midtown Sacramento. The mission then was the same as it is now: Celebrate the artisan aspects of bread baking and coffee roasting and dedicate ourselves to getting better at our crafts everyday! Through this simple clarity of vision, a passion for our work and life, and immense contributions from our employees, family, and friends we have been blessed with a high level of success. From zero employees and zero locations in 2006, we have grown to 4 retail locations, 50+ employees and a select number of high end wholesale account partners in 2012.

What we do...

We spend an unhealthy amount of waking hours drinking coffee, researching coffee, testing different roasting and brewing methods, tweaking and experimenting with different cultivars, all while constantly searching out the highest quality green beans we can get our hands on.

Who we partner with...

Besides our daily caffeine high, the best part of our day at Old Soul comes from our interactions with our fellow café, catering, and restaurant partners who are some of the best and most passionate people in the world. We don't want to be big, we don't want to (and never do) partner with just anyone. When we do partner with someone, we go by one simple belief: their success is our success and we do everything in our power to ensure this success! A few of our more well known clients include: Zocalo, Bacon & Butter, Mulvaney's B & L, Dawson's at the Hyatt, Highway 12 Diner, and Nugget Markets.

Our philosophy/Operating Instructions

1. Today we're good..Tomorrow we will be better

2. Your reputation is all you have..A good reputation is earned everyday through action alone

3. Life is short! If you're going to spend precious time working, you better love what you do..

4. Our coffee farmer's and producers are the true heroes! Without them, we are nothing..

5. Have fun! Smile More...In business in California, it might be the only thing left that is free..

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