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MARCH 2015

This was our second year Direct Sourcing in Mexico in conjunction with our Importer friends over at Crop to Cup.  Using the town of Colima and our hotel's conference room as our home base, we spent three days cupping through over 80 different coffee microlot samples from single farmers and small co-ops located all over Mexico.  The wide spectrum of flavor profiles and high quality of the coffees was eye opening.  Mexico...who knew?

After three days of cupping, we hit the road and started visiting the farms that showed the best on the table to meet the farmers, tour their processing facilities, and learn more about their lives in coffee.

We also met up and tasted through different lots of coffees with the farmers of the Leyva Mancilla Group in Guerrero that we purchased last year for Zocalo.  Known for being one of the few groups who naturally processes their coffee in the State, the Guerrero group's improvement in the cup from one year ago was astounding and proved to us that setting up sustainable long-term relationships based on quality works.

The fruits of our labor, so to speak, are resting in Mexico right now and are scheduled to be dry milled for export to us next week.  We will be bringing in four special lots of coffee this year:

  1. Leyva Mancilla Group Natural Process...some for Zocalo, some for us.
  2. Colima Buena Vista...we are splitting this single family 12-bag lot with Bowtruss Coffee in Chicago...Great Family...Great Coffee...located in a Ghost Town (literally) next to an active volcano.
  3. Sierra De Oro group from Oaxaca...we are also splitting this 11-bag lot with Bowtruss...This lot comes across more like an Ethiopian than a Mexican...made up of a blend of the best farmers in a small village in the Sierra Norte Mountains.
  4. Blend lot from two co-ops in the mountains outside of Colima that will be an ingredient in our espresso blend.

#Great Farmers Make Great Coffee!

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